Our Recycling Facility

The production of waste at demolition sites is unavoidable and has become a challenging issue around the world.

To minimise our waste we have introduced a series of environmentally friendly demolition procedures and recycling practices.

Recycling has always been a core concern at Metropolitan Demolitions & Recycling P/L. The company was formed to salvage used building materials from our demolition sites for reuse on retrofitting buildings. In 1993 the company expanded to produce DGB road base, aggregates and bedding sand from our leading-edge concrete and brick recycling facility located in St Peters.

Our concrete recycling facility uses the latest technologies to test and manufacture our products within strict environmental guidelines set by the National Association of Testing Authorities Australia (NATA).

Our waste minimisation strategy is to resell second hand building materials and recycle waste masonry and concrete rubble generated from our demolition sites. Our business is therefore environmentally friendly at its core because we recover and process generated waste that might otherwise go to landfill for use in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure.