As technology in the construction industry continues to evolve, Metropolitan Demolitions Group constantly upgrades its methods and equipment to provide an efficient operation with a competitive advantage.

By focussing on excavation, safety and the environment, implementing extensive training programs for our employees, and providing our clients with the latest technology in plant and equipment, we aim to reduce costly downtime, improve safety in the workplace, and respond to increasing demand for environmentally friendly practices.

The use of efficient methods and technologies is good for our customers and good for the earth. The use of laser technology, machinery, and integrated machine controls such as hydraulic rock breakers and diamond tip rock saws greatly improves the accuracy, precision and efficiency of our earthworks.

Here at Metropolitan Demolition & Recycling we are committed to supporting all our clients and the communities in which we work by delivering challenging projects on time and within budget. All earthwork practises are completed whilst maintaining the protection of our environment and meeting the needs of the community we work in.