Launched in the early 1970s, Metropolitan Demolitions has become a respected name in the Australian construction industry, recognised for our ability to meet the needs of clients while upholding high standards of personal and environmental safety.

This commitment to excellence in demolition and recycling practices has allowed our company to achieve a record of continuous growth. Today, the demolition projects that we undertake include high-rise buildings in the Sydney CBD, large industrial factories, power stations, hospitals, shopping centres, bridges and other forms of industrial infrastructure.

Metropolitan Demolitions use the latest technologies to provide demolition strategies that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and optimised to meet the budgetary requirements of our clients. We stand behind every job we complete and take pride in the reputation we have built as a leading player in the field of demolition.

Road Base supply for M5 West Road Widened

June 16, 2015

Metropolitan Demolitions & Recycling has recently supplied 100 000 tonnes of DGB…
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My Pet Warehouse Expands to Sydney

May 25, 2015

The family owned and operated pet supplier My Pet Warehouse has just…
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Sydney City East Zone Substation Development – 33 Bligh Street Sydney

May 6, 2015

Ausgrid is preparing to construct a new landmark building at 33 Bligh…
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